pexels-photo-280221 Your home is in within the most desired area of the city, of a grand stature but it’s still not selling. Why? We share four possible reasons


This is the dominant factor, a buyer will normally compare your asking price to other properties that have a similar price. Thereafter they will make an offer on how well your property compares to others if your property is outclassed by the others you will have to lower the price. Most homeowners are not good at good at pricing, they make decisions based on how much money they want to make rather than using the market as a comparable. It is therefore advisable to do a property valuation before you list your home and constantly seek for price counseling from the agents based on what the market looks like.


The obstacle between you and your offer could be the agent. Maybe they are not marketing your property effectively or might be rejecting lower offers because they want a bigger cut. In other scenarios, they could be discouraging other agents from showing the home to their clients so as to eliminate competition. Choose the right agents to sell your home. It is advisable to recruit an agent working for a reputable company as opposed to the briefcase agents. Professional agents can be easily supervised and normally make reports on property performance and activities.

Poor Home Staging and Low-quality photos

A picture is the first thing that will attract a buyer to a home before he even proceeds to read the property details. Prepare your home for a photo shoot by refurbishing (if need be) and organizing the rooms. Work on the interior décor and hire a professional real estate photographer to take quality pictures for you is also advantageous. If you are going to take the photos by yourself, good lighting and great angles are the key factors to excellent pictures.

Lacks Curb Appeal

The exterior of a property will be the first thing that a buyer notices and from that he can make decisions on whether he likes the property or not. Whilst preparing for a photo shoot, focus on the curb appeal as well; mow your lawn, prune the hedges, water your flowers, clean the walking track, wash the windows, apply a fresh coat of paint on your door etc. The end result should be a home that looks inviting even from the exterior. A homely feel is what buyers always look for in a home! This article is written by Christine Atieno the Marketing  Officer, Sandton International Ltd a Franchise of Pam Golding Franchise Services (Pty) Ltd

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