Eco-friendly homes

house-157112__340 Continuous changes in the world are affecting the design and preferences of individuals looking at investing in either buying or building homes. Climate change is playing a significant impact towards certain uncontrollable weather conditions and natural disasters. Due to this reason, the Government is trying to urge developers to try build using environmentally friendly materials and designs. These materials and techniques include either using solar panels, incorporating water conservation storage tanks, recycling some of the materials as well as using high-efficiency lighting. Other methods one can use if they have a big company is the use of wind turbines or glazing.

Sustainable housing

By incorporating the various eco-friendly materials, one can be able to save up to 30% of energy less than what they could have used if they build a home using the conventional method or design. This process requires the use of the various energy efficient and green materials that are not commonly used in conventional building plans.


Windows are an important feature in a house. Due to their nature to provide light and enough fresh air. The glazing process is used by most developers or homeowners who are trying to incorporate the use of saving heat. Most of the conventionally designed houses lose a lot of heat.  [caption id="attachment_3469" align="alignright" "300"]Glazed windows Glazed windows[/caption] Some of the various types of glazing designs one can use include laminating their glass, using tinted float glass, using tempered glass, using intelligent glazing. Intelligent glazing involves the use of solar smart control glass that changes after adapting to the weather conditions. All of these designs can be either double or triple glazed for maximum efficiency. 

Walls and color

The walls and the type of color you have for your house greatly affects how the house will be able to retain heat in general. In Kenya, most of the building materials used include using brick walls or natural stones due to their availability and affordability. Lighter colors on the exterior of the house are usually an excellent choice as compared to the use of darker colors.

Conservation storage tanks

The unpredictable weather changes in the country have resulted in some people from different areas face a lot of challenges. This has left several homes lacking enough water supply for their homes. Homeowners are required to actively incorporate the use of water storage tanks whereby you can be able to use this water for domestic purposes after purifying it.

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