Benefits of a Studio Apartment

pexels-photo-271624 Studio apartments may not be so popular among the house hunters because of the small space. This is because they are meant for a specific target market. They are not ideal for families but rather for single people like students, an office worker who lives alone, or a couple who have no need for too much space. They may be smaller than the multi-bedroom apartments but there are some benefits that come with small spaces as listed below.

More Affordable

Studio apartments are generally smaller than the multi-bedroom apartments which makes them cheaper. They are also highly convenient for a person who doesn’t have a lot of stuff and is only in the market for temporary accommodation.

Saves Money

In a hypothetical situation, you have enough money to rent a one bedroom which can also be used to rent a nice, cozy studio apartment. The latter option is much cheaper and this means you get to spend less and save more for future investments.

Easy To Clean

For those who don’t enjoy cleaning, a studio apartment would be an ideal living space for you. It’s much smaller which means there’s less cleaning space, everything is in the same room which is much better than cleaning from one room to another which can be taxing…sometimes.

Everything Is In the Same Location

Your kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining area are all within reach and that can help you multitask as well. You don’t have to worry about missing scenes from your favorite soap or a football game because you can watch TV, fold your clothes and cook at the same time.

Easy To Furnish

It’s much cheaper and easier to furnish a studio apartment because limited space means less furniture. The same wallpaper can be used all over the room which will help you to coordinate your space however you want. It also allows you to use multi-purpose furniture such as a folding bed that is a couch by day for the guest and a bed by night. The living room table can also be used as a dining table when friends drop by. This article is written by Christine Atieno the Marketing  Officer, Sandton International Ltd a Franchise of Pam Golding Franchise Services (Pty) Ltd