Batian View Plots

Batian View Plots - Kenya
Batian View Plots - Kenya
  • Batian View Plots - Kenya
  • Batian View Plots - Kenya

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Area456 m2

Description :

On behalf of Home Afrika Ltd, I wish to invite you to join the Rich Investors of Nanyuki by investing in Batian view.

Located just 20 minutes’ drive from Nanyuki, Batian view is set in the friendly and sparkling climate of Nanyuki, that attracts tourists all year round.

Nanyuki, is one of Kenya’s best-kept secrets. It has a number of world class conservancies, sanctuaries and game ranches. It also has a selection of restaurants, coffee bars, swimming pools, and a range of hotels, lodges and luxurious safari camps with exquisite views of Mt Kenya

Batian plots are currently available in the form of vacant plots, 236 of which are available for purchase immediately, starting from Kshs 299,000.

Here are 9 reasons why you should invest in Batian view plots today.

1) You will own a tangible investment and if you need cash you can always sell one of your plots in the future. And the longer you allow your Batian plots to appreciate, the more money you will be able to enjoy. You can also decide to build a Holiday home on one of your plots and stay in Batian view on weekends.

2) Long term investment always provides the largest returns and when you own plots in Batian view, this is a long-term investment that has the potential to triple in value over 10 to 20 years. This is a long-term investment that you can set up for your retirement.

3) Pass down the plots. If you have children, you probably want to help them in any way you can financially. You can pass down your Batian view plots to your children.
When you do this, your children will honor you and forever strive to do whatever they can to make you comfortable and happy.

4) After owning your Batian view plots for a couple of years, you’ll have equity in the plots. You can use your plots to take loans by putting up the title deeds as security. This will allow you to access huge amounts of money which you could use to build more wealth.

5) When you invest in Batian view plots, you own the plots for the rest of your life. You can always, see your plots whenever you travel to Nanyuki for holiday or leisure.

6) Everyone wants more money and there is a lot of cash in Nanyuki town. If you want to have a regular income you can develop your Batian view plot or plots and put up holiday homes that have the potential of giving you a regular income. A holiday home in Batian view constructed and furnished to international standards has the potential depending on demand to be leased out as a holiday home to visiting tourists on vacation, shorts stays or prolonged leases giving you cash every end of month.

7) Batian view plots are an investment that will appreciate in value over time. Population is growing in Nanyuki and the demand for land is shooting. Investing in plots in Batian view will put you in a position to reap huge profits should you choose to sell at the right time when land values in Nanyuki have double or tripled. If you purchase plots in Batian view now, their value will appreciate.

8) It’s extremely easy to acquire plots in Batian view. You only need to select your plots and make a reservation. Our inhouse legal team will draft a sale agreement for you to execute. There is no legal fee. You only need a witness to append a signature. You are however at liberty to ask your legal adviser to act for you and guide you in signing the Sale agreement. You may purchase on a cash basis or choose an instalment plan that suits you. The minimum deposit required is ten per cent with no upper limit.

9) You have 100% per cent control. When you invest in Batian view and complete your payment plan, you will receive a title deed with your name or the name you have chosen. You directly own your Batian view plots, The Title deeds are freehold and allow you to own 100 % of you plots.

Nanyuki is a popular town in its own right. This frontier town has shed its wild west reputation and is now attracting a steady flow of Nairobeans. What makes Nanyuki truly unique is the wide the range of activities on offer to you, your loved ones or guests.

If you are adventurous you can go quad biking or buggy driving. If you love horse riding or camel safaris you can set out on rides and enjoy viewing wildlife at close range. If you are daring you can go rafting on the Ewaso Ngiro River. If you prefer to keep fit you can go mountain biking. If you love climbing mountains, you can go up Mt Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa, you could also go fishing in the lakes up the mountain.

I will be happy to furnish you with all the documents you might require to peruse and confirm before you reserve your plots. I will also be very happy to answer any questions you might have regarding Batian view.

In the meantime, I wish to also extend my invitation to you to come attend our open day for BATIAN VIEW on Saturday 16th of March 2019. It will be a wonderful opportunity for you to come see for yourself, the erstwhile rich lifestyle that awaits you in this booming town.

Feel free to contact me via my mobile phone 0720 208 700 to reserve your seat on our bus, provided free of charge for the tour.

Invest in Batian View today and join the rich class of Nanyuki.

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